brand MARINE CONSULTANTS GmbH is a growing, global Marine Consultancy. Since the company was founded in 2014, bMC has successfully completed hundreds of projects on behalf of shipowners, law firms, P&I clubs, offshore contractors, shipyards and insurance companies. Our services include Salvage & Wreck Removal Projects, Casualty management, Special Casualty Representative (SCR), Casualty Investigation, Hull & Machinery Surveys and Expert Witness work, from inland waterways to Offshore and everything in between. Our staff have a wide range of training and qualifications as well as specialist experience in many sectors of the Marine industry. Our current team have backgrounds as Master Mariner, Chief Engineer, Naval Architect, Ship Broker, Ship Manager & Spill Response Specialist.

brand MARINE CONSULTANTS GmbH is certified under the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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As experienced marine surveyors our Consultants have performed inspections on vessels of all types including inland cargo vessels, passenger vessels, tugboats, barges, dredges, ferries, cargo ships and warships for the purpose of pre-purchase evaluation, insurance eligibility, insurance claim resolution and regulation compliance. We are specialised in inspecting marine cargo, marine engines and offshore and facilities such as drydocks, loading docks and more.

Thanks to our many international projects in the past, our Consultants have significant experience in ensuring compliance with international guidelines dealing with issues such as pollution, international security and safety management schemes. We are happy to examine cargo gear to ensure that all requirements, regulations and standards are met.

Our surveys include:

  • Visual inspection of damages
  • Reviewing documentation and certificates
  • Observing and evaluating maintenance plans
  • The inspection of construction standards and the testing of materials
  • Witnessing tests of safety machinery and equipment
  • Guidance during repairs
  • Etc.

At bMC we pride ourselves on providing clear, concise and independent reports. We base ourselves on the surveys as well as other relevant documents to present the most accurate possible document. Over the years we have developed of presenting factual written elements, strengthened with 3D drawings, calculations at the hand of our own in-house software, self-evident graphs and illustrations.



Casualty Investigation is the process of establishing the root cause and extent of a damage resulting from e.g. collision, grounding, fire, engine failure, sinking etc. Our wide range of techniques for acquiring the necessary information and data includes surveys, inspections, 3D simulations, diving, ROV and side scans. We also interview the crew and analyse VDR’s in order to support the investigation process.

We maintain our commitment to providing clear, independent reports which are based on our findings and on further relevant documents. Our reports aim to outline an accurate sequence of events, which we present with our own unique style and back up at the hand of 3D drawings, calculations, graphs and illustrations.



As Marine Consultants we have an excellent track record, proving our qualifications and expertise in the field of Marine and Offshore. We boast a combined experience that spans over decades and have been hired as independent experts several times to provide expert evaluations and reports for a variety of cases in the past.

We understand the importance of our role as educators of the court and fully comprehend our duties as Expert Witness.


Casualty Management

In terms of Casualty Management, our single objective is to prevent an incident from turning into a full-blown crisis. We understand the importance of effective planning and the need for integrated crisis and emergency response organisation. Our Consultants pay special attention to identifying and prioritising the interests of the main shareholders, organising resources accordingly and mitigating the risks and costs of the whole operation. We are familiar and have worked with most of the prominent contractors in this field and are skilled in negotiating with them, as well as keeping them focused on the project at hand.



In addition to designing newbuildings and providing consultancy in Naval Architecture, brand ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS GmbH, bMC’s engineering branch, offers the following services:

• Engineering & Design Packages
• FEM Calculations
• CFD Analysis
• Simulations
• Structural Design
• Document Control
• Outfitting and Workshop Design

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